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Trump Daily 12/2/2020 – Pardon Me

We now have seen the scope of the Michael Flynn pardon and as expected, it’s extremely broad. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI but we knew there were other crimes the prosecutors hadn’t proceeded with. The pardon covers ALL crimes committed by Flynn uncovered by the Mueller investigation. General Flynn, formerly National Security Adviser and head of the military’s Defense Intelligence Agency, is now openly calling for Donald Trump to suspend the Constitution, throw out the election, and hold a new election conducted by the military. You may recognize this action as a coup. The president’s first national security adviser is calling for a coup.

Unsealed Department of Justice documents revealed an investigation into someone who was offering a bribe to Donald Trump in exchange for a pardon. While the documents do not reveal who the target of the investigation is, former UAW president Gary Jones fits what we do know. President Trump said the investigation was “fake news” apparently not understanding that the media did not uncover the investigation at all. We only know about it from the court documents themselves.

Rudy Giuliani has asked for a pardon to pre-empt any prosecutions arising from the work he’s been doing with foreign nationals and spies. Trump is also considering pardoning Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump, more commonly known as his family. Note that people who have not committed federal crimes do not need pardons.

Speaking of, Ivanka Trump was deposed yesterday in a civil case regarding the inauguration. There are multiple investigations into the inauguration, both civil and criminal. In this case, it’s a civil case related to the inauguration funneling money into Trump’s DC hotel which artificially inflated the prices it charged the inauguration. We have known about this issue for years via emails from inauguration organizer Stephanie Wolkoff who wrote at the time about concerns that the rates the Trump Hotel was charging were illegal.

The president’s lawyer, Joe diGenova, called for the execution of cybersecurity expert Chris Krebs. Krebs issued a statement that the election was secure and there were no signs of massive voter fraud. Trump fired him for telling the truth. Now Trump’s lawyer is saying Krebs should be drawn and quartered then shot. diGenova later said these comments were “sarcastic” and “made in jest.” They were not.

Another government officer who says there was no massive voter fraud is Attorney General Bill Barr. Barr last month secretly appointed investigator John Durham as a special counsel to investigate the Russia investigation. Durham so far has found no evidence at all of wrongdoing. Despite this, Trump is now considering firing Barr for saying the election was not fraudulent.

The Trump administration argued before the Supreme Court on Monday that undocumented immigrants should not be included in census apportionment. This concept has been tested numerous times and failed each and every time. The Constitution is quite clear on who counts in the census – everyone. They will lose this case.

Trump’s lawyers and allies continue to fail over and over again in court. They have to date lost 40 cases and won 1. This does not stop them from filing more. It is difficult to express how incompetent all of these lawyers are. Former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell issued a filing to the court to day which was simply a PDF where she had not filled in any forms. She has filed a suit in Michigan alleging irregularities in Edison County. Michigan does not have an Edison County. She’s confused Edison County with Edison Township, which is not in Michigan, but rather Minnesota. All of this is derived from a dataset she filed earlier in Michigan using information from places in Minnesota. Why the confusion? The person who assembled the data confused the state abbreviations for the two states, MI and MN. In yet another new filing, Powell accused election officials in Arizona of not following the required guidelines set up by the board of elections in Georgia. In a Wisconsin suit, Powell fired on behalf of plaintiff Derrick Van Orden. Slight problem – Van Orden never agreed to be a plaintiff in the suit.

As these cases continue to fail, the Trump campaign insists they have plenty of evidence in the form of affidavits about fraud. Several of those “witnesses” are now testifying and their evidence of fraud includes: election officials asking people to distance, observers wearing BLM apparel with rhinestones, and the room being hot. They are essentially parading every moron conspiracy theorist they can find in front of the microphones and claiming this constitutes evidence.

Trump gave a 46 minute speech today detailing what he claims is proof of election fraud. Every single claim he’s made has already been debunked, ranging from a communist conspiracy theory to have machines flip votes (hand counts have proven this did not happen), suspicious ballot dumps going for Biden (The spikes in tallied votes come from cities, with relatively massive populations, turning in their results), dead voters (every single instance has been proven wrong), etc..

Trump is saying he will not attend Biden’s inauguration and is in fact planning to hold a competing event launching his 2024 campaign at the same time.

Steve Mnuchin is planning on clawing back unspent PPP funds at the end of the year. The law required not doing this until 2026. He made the mistake of asking Congresswoman Katie Porter if she was a lawyer. She is. After receiving her law degree from an obscure school called Harvard, Porter clerked at the appellate level before entering into private practice and teaching law school for eight years.

Republican senator and Trump ally Ron Johnson spoke to the former chairman of the Brown County Republican Party. Johnson told Mr. Becker he was well aware of the fact that Biden won the election and there was no widespread voter fraud. Johnson, formerly a conduit for a Russian disinformation campaign about Joe Biden, said he couldn’t admit Biden won publicly because it would harm him politically among Trump supporters.

Dr. Jordan Keeperman is a Nevada doctor who recently began working in a Covid-19 ICU at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno. He posted a picture of himself wearing PPE a few weeks ago with a story about the number of patients he’d recently seen who had died of the disease. He purposefully chose as a background a new ward which had yet to open so as to avoid any patient privacy issues. A twitter account accused him of taking the picture at a fake hospital and that Keeperman had never seen any Covid-19 patients. The President of the United States of America retweeted this bullshit accusation about Dr. Keeperman and added that Nevada also had fake election results. The president is directly attacking front line responders to the pandemic and saying they are lying about the virus.

And not a single Republican will say anything about his doing so.


Trump Daily 9/19/2020 – In Other News

Wiser people are publishing about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg so I won’t be focusing on that here. Virtually no one has had a larger effect on US law and this is obviously now an election issue, but the news cycle doesn’t stop so here are the other stories from the week:

  • Another woman has publicly accused the president of sexual assault. Amy Dorris says Trump forced his tongue into her mouth and groped “my butt, my breasts, my back, everything.” There are credible witnesses saying Dorris told them about the assault when it happened. Dozens of women have accused Trump of sexual assault of various forms up to and including rape. Trump himself bragged about walking in on his underage pageant contestants while they were nude and getting away with it.
  • The president continues to insist the vaccine will be available in a short period of time, this time saying 4-8 weeks. This is a lie.

The atrocities predicted when Trump withdrew US forces from Syria’s border with Turkey happened as predicted – rape, torture, looting, and hostage-taking done by Turkish backed forces.

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Trump Daily 9/12/2020 – Woodward Again

When Bob Woodward published his first book on the incompetence of Donald Trump, the president was upset his staff kept him from being interviewed as he thought he would come across very well had Woodward spoken to him. For the soon-to-be-published second book, Woodward interviewed Trump 17 times and recorded the conversations. In early February, Trump told Woodward the coronavirus was more deadly than the flu and that he wanted to publicly downplay the risk posed by the pandemic. Trump lied to the public about the dangers of the virus and the White House is now spinning this as preventing panic, with Trump comparing himself to Winston Churchill during WW2. (Churchill notably never lied about the Nazi threat.) The book has several other more minor revelations – that DNI Coats warned Trump Devin Nunes was feeding him disinformation and that “his generals” were “pussies” for caring more about American alliances than trade deals.

In a series of court losses, a court is blocking the Trump administration’s efforts to end census collection efforts earlier than scheduled while a different court is blocking Trump’s effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census.

The Department of Justice is seeking to take over Trump’s defense in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit against Trump. Carroll is suing the president for calling her a liar when she said he raped her. This echoes the civil suit brought by Summer Zervos against Trump. DoJ is arguing that Trump was acting in his official capacity as president when he said Carroll was “not my type.” (This is absurd.) The express purpose of DoJ taking over the case is to have it dismissed due to sovereign immunity. You may sue Donald Trump for defamation, but not the US government. In summation, the federal government is trying to protect the president in a case hinging on whether or not he raped a woman.

A DHS whistleblower has filed a complaint alleging they were ordered to suppress or change intelligence regarding Russian election interference in order to avoid making the president look bad. Additionally, they say then DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen repeatedly lied about terrorists apprehended at the border while Ken Cuccinelli had them alter data on Central American countries to make them appear safe so as to avoid awarding asylum status to immigrants from those countries. Both Cuccinelli and Chad Wolf had them alter data to downplay the threat of white supremacist groups while inflating the danger from left wing groups such as antifa. Along these lines, Miles Taylor, an ex-DHS official, says that after a top intelligence official testified that Russia had worked to help elect Trump, Trump tried to have that official fired.

Michael Caputo is a Twitter troll who previously worked for The Kremlin and then a Russian PR firm where he worked on improving Putin’s image. He makes a short appearance in the Mueller report, arranging a meeting between Roger Stone and a man promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. In short, Caputo is shady as hell. He’s now the Public Affairs Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services. Not only has Caputo been trying to muffle Dr. Anthony Fauci, but he has been directing the alteration of CDC data on the virus in order to support the president. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports have had an impeccable reputation for accuracy until now. The Trump administration is now changing scientific reports in order to downplay the threat of the pandemic.

The US Treasury Department announced sanctions against Ukrainian Andriy Derkach for his interference in the election. Derkach is the primary source for Senator Ron Johnson’s sham investigation into the company Hunter Biden worked for and met with Rudy Giulani about the Bidens. Derkach is a key element in Putin’s disinformation campaign.

The third-party judge appointed in the Michael Flynn case to render an opinion on how to move forward has done so. Judge John Gleeson determined that the Department of Justice effort to have the Flynn cased dismissed is not only full of error, but nothing more than a pressure campaign from the government to help the president. He openly called AG Barr’s efforts to dismiss the case corrupt.

Colorado, just tonight, won a restraining order against the US Postal Service. The USPS is sending out postcards to every home and PO Box in the nation with instructions on voting by mail. But they’re sending the SAME instructions to every state despite a wide variance in the process. While the cards are accurate in some states, they are incredibly wrong in several states. The cards contain instructions on how to request a mail ballot – which isn’t even possible in every state. Several Secretaries of State asked Postmaster Dejoy to review the cards before mailing. He refused and now the Postal Service is sending incorrect voting information to millions of voters.

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Trump Daily 9/5/2020 – Weekend Catch-up

  • The president posted statistics from a Qanon supporter about Covid-19 not being nearly as much of a threat because most people who die from Covid-19 have other causes of death listed. Twitter took the Tweet down. This has become a common talking point of the right. It’s true that few death certificates list only Covid-19 as the cause of death. But that’s normal. Most death certificates list multiple causes. Aside from common comorbidities, often someone who dies from Covid-19 will have ailments CAUSED by the virus listed on their death certificate. It’s common for a death certificate to list both Covid-19 and ARDS. ARDS is the respiratory disorder caused by Covid-19.
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Trump Daily 7/9/2020

  • This morning the president said “for the 1/100th [sic] time” that cases are only high in the United States because we do so much testing. He reiterated this claim on Sean Hannity’s show tonight. This is a lie. We can measure test positivity rates and they are increasing.
  • In 2 cases this morning, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s claims of immunity against third parties supplying his tax information isn’t valid. This doesn’t automatically mean Congress and the NYAG will receive the documents, but they likely will at some point. This is incredibly unlikely to happen before the election.
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Trump Daily 6/26/2020

New studies from Harvard Kennedy and the University of Chicago correlate right-wing news consumption with believe in misinformation about the coronavirus.

With millions losing their health insurance during the pandemic, the Trump administration has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court requesting that the entire ACA be struck down. Donald Trump for years now has maintained he will protect health care access to those with pre-existing conditions while never offering a mechanism for doing so.

In an NPR interview, AG Barr attacked voting by mail as an insecure system, vulnerable to fraud. Barr himself, along with multiple senior members of the Trump administration, votes by mail. Mail voting systems have multiple barriers to fraud that would be effectively impossible for a foreign power to exploit as Barr and Trump have warned of.

In response to testimony and a whistleblower complaint that the Department of Justice’s investigation into marijuana companies was predicated solely on Barr’s personal animus, the DoJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility responded that such investigations would be perfectly fine.

A GRU unit (Russian military intelligence) was paying bounties to terrorists in Afghanistan for killing Allied forces, including Americans. The president was briefed about this in March. The US has not responded in any way. After learning of these assassinations funded by Russia, the president pitched the idea of Russia rejoining the G7.

In the first Covid-19 task force press conference in 68 days, Pence casually estimated 240,000 Americans will die from Covid-19. The estimate coming from Trump and Pence has steadily increased since the beginning of the pandemic, when Trump said there were only 15 cases which would soon be near zero. Pence mentioned daily cases in OK declining while failing to mention it was a slight decline after a massive spike. Pence was twice asked about holding large rallies while the task force advises against large gatherings. And twice Pence responded by saying they had a first amendment right to free speech and assembly. The second time Pence took this question, he promptly ended the press conference, after having answered only six questions.

A 3 panel judge on the 9th circuit ruled that Trump diverting funds appropriated to military infrastructure projects to build the border wall was unconstitutional. (The Supreme Court decision regarding this subject dealt with a stay, not the merits of the case itself.) This will undoubtedly head to the Supreme Court, but likely won’t be resolved this year.

Ron Johnson is reviving his Senate investigation of Joe Biden’s son Hunter ahead of the November election. Hunter Biden has never been credibly accused of any specific wrongdoing.

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Trump Daily 6/25/2020

  • By a 2-1 vote, a federal appeals court has ruled Michael Flynn’s conviction should be thrown out. The presiding judge has put a stay on the order and will almost certainly request an en banc hearing from the entire appeals court, rather than the three judge panel. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislyak in which Flynn asked the Russians to not retaliate over Obama’s sanctions as Trump would be trying to undo them when he took office. Those who agreed at the time Flynn lied to the FBI include Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Michael Flynn.
  • In a large release of emails secured by Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed, the Department of Justice was extensively coordinating with Fox News on stories and TV appearances. This included instructing anchors on what questions to ask on air and pointing out tweets they wanted covered to producers. No, things do not normally operate this way.

Trump Daily 6/22/2020

  • Jerry Nadler is subpoenaing AG Barr over the firing of interim SDNY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman, who was overseeing multiple investigations into Donald Trump, his businesses, and his allies. Barr might decide to simply not show, starting another legal showdown between the House and the White House.
  • The president said foreign countries will be printing mail-in ballots during the election to rig it against him. Mail ballots are incredibly secure – printed on special paper, barcoded, and signature matched to registration rolls. In addition to matching all of this, a foreign country would have to make sure they were only submitting fraudulent ballots for people who are registered to vote but did not vote. Trump is lying. He also said in an interview tonight that people would rob mailmen for ballots. This has never happened. It will not happen this year.
  • In a separate interview, Trump accused Barack Obama of treason. Obama joins the pantheon of people Trump has said are traitors including Robert Mueller, Mueller’s investigators, Democrats as a whole, James Comey, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff, White House leakers, Chelsea Manning, Charles Krauthammer, the execs at Univision, the execs at Macy’s, Republicans who didn’t vote for him, James Clapper, John Brennan, Google (yes, just “Google), the New York Times, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and people who did not clap at his first State of the Union address. (He really said that.) Needless to say, treason is an extremely narrowly defined crime and none of the above have committed it.
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Trump Daily 6/4/2020

  • The president quote tweeted his son encouraging a Qanon account which said Attorney General Barr was about to release secret communications between Antifa groups proving coordination of riots in multiple cities. The FBI has found zero evidence of any Antifa involvement in any protests or riots. Either Trump Jr deleted this or the original count was deleted. Trump Jr. had also been pushing a fake Antifa account which turned out to be run by a white supremacist organization.
  • The White House posted a video montage “proving” that Antifa was setting out bricks for protesters to use. It was quickly pointed out by a vast number of journalists that nearly all of these incidents were fake. In one case the bricks they claimed were for rioters to use were barriers in front of a Jewish synagogue which were set out in front of their building over a year ago. Multiple instances of bricks near construction sites were there because they were construction sites. The White House deleted the video without explanation.
  • I want to end with a link to a video from Legal Eagle, aka Devin Stone. Mr. Stone is a lawyer who publishes videos with legal analysis of either pop culture or current events. He has responded to the attack on Lafayette Square with an impassioned video detailing and decrying the grotesque abuse by the Trump administration. I would urge you to watch it: https://youtu.be/z56j06plUgs
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Trump Daily 2/19/2020

Sorry for the late update. It’s been a slower news cycle than normal re: the president.

  • The Pentagon has announced they will not be investigating Lt. Col. Vindman as the president wanted them to do. This is likely because he didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Trump granted clemency through pardons or commutations to eleven people this week. Aside from two drug convictions, these were all people convicted of corruption, bribery, or fraud. Several of them have direct ties to Trump or his associates. Of particular note is ex-governor Rod Blagojevich who went to prison after attempting to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. The president said Blagojevich went to prison “over a phone call where nothing happens.” This echoes Trump’s claims that he was impeached over a “perfect call.” That phone call caught the governor talking about the need to solicit something of value to him in exchange for Obama’s seat.
  • No nominee was named to the post of Director of National Intelligence since Dan Coats resigned in August. Since then we have had an acting DNI with a time limit on his tenure. That limit is now up. Trump has used acting directors for several key positions as a way to avoid the Senate confirmation process. This is a blatant abuse to skirt the law, but the Republicans in the Senate allow it to continue. Our new acting DNI will be Richard Grenell. There are several controversies attached to Grenell, but what jumps out here is that Grenell has ZERO intelligence experience. He is not resigning his ambassadorship so he will be the full time ambassador to Germany while he simultaneously oversees SEVENTEEN US intelligence agencies. Lev Parnas has publicly stated Grenell agreed to let Dmitry Firtash know if the US planned to extradite him for trial in the US.
  • In a private speech, Mick Mulvaney was recorded saying Republicans only care about deficits when Democrats hold the White House. He lied and said Democrats didn’t subpoena Rudy Giuliani. They did. Giuliani ignored it. He spoke several times about the fictitious “deep state” and lamented that it wasn’t easier to fire career employees who do not share the president’s agenda. He said he hoped the Trump admin is known for proving that supply side economics work. The Republican form of supply side economics has been repeatedly disproven for decades.