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Trump Daily 8/27/2020 – Catching Up Before the Final Convention Night

Doing one large write-up on the convention so here’s the other news you may have missed.

The Daily Beast detailed the relationship between Jared Kushner and Kirill Dmitriev who runs Russia’s sovereign wealth fund. Dmitriev will be familiar to you if you followed my coverage of the Mueller report. He set up covert meetings with Kushner and Erik Prince despite being under sanction by the United States. One of the earliest shipments of ventilators Kushner secured came from Dmitriev. They were never used as they were junk.

Trump has frequently warned of foreign governments somehow hacking mail-in voting. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has seen no evidence of this. Such large scale vote manipulation is functionally impossible because of how the US election system is run.

The NY Attorney General’s Office has detailed their investigation into The Trump Organization and it’s as we thought – they’re investing the group for lying about the value of properties both to banks and for tax purposes. Michael Cohen testified this was happening before Congress and the financial documents provided by Mary Trump to the New York Times proved it. Eric Trump is not cooperating with the investigation and his lawyer has alluded to him pleading the 5th amendment.

The Trump campaign released a fairly generic video about what a great job he’s done. All of the images used in the video are from stock footage. They just released another ad about how violent protests are across the country. The footage used for this ad is from Spain.

Per the former Chief of Staff at DHS, Trump was seeking ways to maim and injure immigrants at the border. DHS and CBP later considered using a microwave weapon which induces the feeling of your skin burning off. (This is a real device built by Raytheon though it has never been used.)

The CDC changed their guidelines to say people who have been directly exposed to someone with the virus do not need to be tested. This is a blatant attempt to decrease the number of reported cases before the election. The Covid-19 task force waited until Dr. Fauci was having surgery to discuss the change. Dr. Redfield partially walked back this change, but his statement no longer appears on the CDC website. This change came because of pressure from The White House.

Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 7/16/2020

  • The president took a photograph from The White House promoting Goya foods as their CEO pledged support of Trump. Such a promotion is illegal. The White House and Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz have responded by saying it’s racist to criticize the company.
  • As the White House has tried to distance itself from Peter Navarro’s column attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, the LA Times learned that Trump encouraged him to write it.
  • Last year Eric Trump claimed the Trump organization only charged the government $50 per room when the Secret Service has to stay at Trump businesses. David Farenthold of The Washington Post has so far been unable to find a single instance of that happening. The Trump organization charges the government up to $650 per room when Trump visits his own properties. We don’t know the full amount as Steve Mnuchin has been blocking congress from receiving that information. Trump is the first president who refused to divest from his businesses and frequently spends tax dollars at his hotels.
  • Multiple times now Trump has warned that Biden is going to “abolish the suburbs” with his support of fair housing regulations. What Trump means by this is that black people will live there. Trump is quite familiar with these regulations as he was caught refusing to rent to black families in his own properties – twice.