Trump Daily – The Manbaby Who Cried Fraud

Nothing that’s taken place since the election was unpredicted. Because of how several of the swing states tallied votes, we knew Trump would appear to have a lead in them early in the tally which would be wiped out when the urban areas were counted. We knew Trump would claim fraud. We knew he would attempt to have the courts overturn the election.

His refusal to admit when he’s lost drives to the very core of who Donald Trump is. Loss is weakness and since he’s a strong brave alpha male, he can’t admit loss, mistake, or anything that would lead to growth. He’s been yelling for years that he actually won the popular vote in 2016 and that millions of illegal votes were counted for Clinton. In the primary, he insisted that now-sycophant Ted Cruz had fraudulently won the Iowa caucus. But this isn’t limited to his political career. Trump threw tantrums when passed over for an Emmy for the game show he hosted. (I will continually point out that Trump has never fired anyone, even on The Apprentice, whose contestants were not employed by Donald Trump.)

But right now I want to talk about Michael Forbes.

You’ve probably never heard of Michael Forbes. And there’s little reason you would. Mr. Forbes is a quarry worker who also runs a small family farm halfway between Foveran and Balmedie in Scotland. Mr. Forbes lives a simple life but received a recognition you’d not expect someone low-key like him to ever win.

Mr. Forbes, according to legendary Scotch brand Glenfiddich, was 2012’s “Scot of the Year.” (The company does not choose the recipient but rather runs a poll as a marketing stunt.) Being Glenfiddich’s Scot of the Year does not result in prize money. I don’t believe there’s a ceremony. Aside from those who read articles about the award, I doubt many people have any idea what it is or who has been selected.

Save Donald Trump.

Trump was FURIOUS that Glenfiddich named Mr. Forbes Scot of the Year. He banned their liquor from his properties – all of them. He attacked Glenfiddich on Twitter, back when no one gave a shit what Donald Trump said on Twitter because we all realized what a pathetic whining loser he was. Trump went so far as to insist the poll itself was fraudulent and a large number of people must have voted multiple times in order to select Mr. Forbes over Trump’s choice, tennis player Andy Murray.

If you think it’s odd Trump would be this involved in a COMPLETELY meaningless online poll, I’d point you to the time he spent months giving unsolicited relationship advice to Kirsten Stewart, a woman he’d never met. But in this case, there’s a reason that Donald Trump hated Michael Forbes.

Trump built his golf course next to Mr. Forbes’s farm. Mr. Forbes refused to sell it to him. That’s it. Most adults would either offer more money or move on. The farm belongs to Mr. Forbes and if he wanted to keep it, he was well within his rights. Trump began removing equipment from Mr. Forbes’s property anyway and fenced in part of it to begin construction. He even convinced the local police he owned the Forbes property. He did not. Once that failed, Trump tried to have the property condemned so that he could then buy it via the same sort of eminent domain transfers possible in The United States. He of course failed.

Michael Forbes was recognized in the Glenfiddich poll because he stood up to Donald Trump – and the Scots LOVED him for it.

And because Trump is a pathetic child, he couldn’t process this and insisted people hadn’t voted for Forbes. They hadn’t recognized and sided with a man who let Trump know he was an asshole.

That’s what’s happening right now in America. Biden soundly defeated Trump. And Trump is absolutely incapable of processing this. He has not been able to accept rejection his entire life – not from women, not from awards shows, not from the courts, and not from the people of this country. He’s treating the election the same way he treated Michael Forbes.

It can’t be that a record number of people voted against him. It can’t be that the majority of us recognize the incompetent failure that is Donald Trump. It can’t have anything to do with people rejecting Donald Trump.

So we get the old standbys – things that don’t go his way aren’t fair. Votes that go against him are fraudulent.

While it’s exceedingly dangerous that almost no Republicans are standing up to this coward, it’s also almost over. He will whine and throw a tantrum over this election until the day he dies.

And it won’t matter because the country is moving on in January and starting to heal the damage he has done.