Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 7/20/2020

  • Trump’s interview with Mike Wallace aired yesterday. Trump again bragged about doing well on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment which literally asks you to identify three animals. Trump insisted the questions got “very hard.” Wallace pointed out one of these “very hard” questions was to count backwards from 100 by 7s which he began to do. The president lied about the US having the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate in the world and was angered when Wallace pointed out this was not true. Trump also lied saying Biden wants to defund police which Biden has explicitly said he does not support. Trump asked for the text of a pact Biden made with Bernie Sanders saying it spoke about defunding police. Trump could not find that passage because it does not exist. The president again said that we would have fewer Covid-19 cases if we tested fewer people. He said “everybody” thought the summer heat would make the virus go away. No medical experts said this. The person who did was Donald Trump. When asked about the disproportionate rate black men are killed by police as compared to white men, Trump pointed out that many white men are killed by police too. He said religion will be “gone” if Biden is elected president. Biden is a lifelong devout Catholic. The president was asked about his attempts to have the courts throw out the entire Affordable Care Act which will immediately throw tens of millions of people off of their insurance plans. Trump said he will replace it with something which will protect pre-existing conditions and he will enact this replacement via executive order within the next two weeks because the Supreme Court’s DACA decision means he can enact anything via executive order as long as he follows the proper process. None of this is true. Every part was a lie. He does not have that authority, he does not have a plan, and the Republicans are trying to take away health insurance from millions of Americans during the worst pandemic in a century.