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Trump Daily 12/2/2020 – Pardon Me

We now have seen the scope of the Michael Flynn pardon and as expected, it’s extremely broad. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI but we knew there were other crimes the prosecutors hadn’t proceeded with. The pardon covers ALL crimes committed by Flynn uncovered by the Mueller investigation. General Flynn, formerly National Security Adviser and head of the military’s Defense Intelligence Agency, is now openly calling for Donald Trump to suspend the Constitution, throw out the election, and hold a new election conducted by the military. You may recognize this action as a coup. The president’s first national security adviser is calling for a coup.

Unsealed Department of Justice documents revealed an investigation into someone who was offering a bribe to Donald Trump in exchange for a pardon. While the documents do not reveal who the target of the investigation is, former UAW president Gary Jones fits what we do know. President Trump said the investigation was “fake news” apparently not understanding that the media did not uncover the investigation at all. We only know about it from the court documents themselves.

Rudy Giuliani has asked for a pardon to pre-empt any prosecutions arising from the work he’s been doing with foreign nationals and spies. Trump is also considering pardoning Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump, more commonly known as his family. Note that people who have not committed federal crimes do not need pardons.

Speaking of, Ivanka Trump was deposed yesterday in a civil case regarding the inauguration. There are multiple investigations into the inauguration, both civil and criminal. In this case, it’s a civil case related to the inauguration funneling money into Trump’s DC hotel which artificially inflated the prices it charged the inauguration. We have known about this issue for years via emails from inauguration organizer Stephanie Wolkoff who wrote at the time about concerns that the rates the Trump Hotel was charging were illegal.

The president’s lawyer, Joe diGenova, called for the execution of cybersecurity expert Chris Krebs. Krebs issued a statement that the election was secure and there were no signs of massive voter fraud. Trump fired him for telling the truth. Now Trump’s lawyer is saying Krebs should be drawn and quartered then shot. diGenova later said these comments were “sarcastic” and “made in jest.” They were not.

Another government officer who says there was no massive voter fraud is Attorney General Bill Barr. Barr last month secretly appointed investigator John Durham as a special counsel to investigate the Russia investigation. Durham so far has found no evidence at all of wrongdoing. Despite this, Trump is now considering firing Barr for saying the election was not fraudulent.

The Trump administration argued before the Supreme Court on Monday that undocumented immigrants should not be included in census apportionment. This concept has been tested numerous times and failed each and every time. The Constitution is quite clear on who counts in the census – everyone. They will lose this case.

Trump’s lawyers and allies continue to fail over and over again in court. They have to date lost 40 cases and won 1. This does not stop them from filing more. It is difficult to express how incompetent all of these lawyers are. Former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell issued a filing to the court to day which was simply a PDF where she had not filled in any forms. She has filed a suit in Michigan alleging irregularities in Edison County. Michigan does not have an Edison County. She’s confused Edison County with Edison Township, which is not in Michigan, but rather Minnesota. All of this is derived from a dataset she filed earlier in Michigan using information from places in Minnesota. Why the confusion? The person who assembled the data confused the state abbreviations for the two states, MI and MN. In yet another new filing, Powell accused election officials in Arizona of not following the required guidelines set up by the board of elections in Georgia. In a Wisconsin suit, Powell fired on behalf of plaintiff Derrick Van Orden. Slight problem – Van Orden never agreed to be a plaintiff in the suit.

As these cases continue to fail, the Trump campaign insists they have plenty of evidence in the form of affidavits about fraud. Several of those “witnesses” are now testifying and their evidence of fraud includes: election officials asking people to distance, observers wearing BLM apparel with rhinestones, and the room being hot. They are essentially parading every moron conspiracy theorist they can find in front of the microphones and claiming this constitutes evidence.

Trump gave a 46 minute speech today detailing what he claims is proof of election fraud. Every single claim he’s made has already been debunked, ranging from a communist conspiracy theory to have machines flip votes (hand counts have proven this did not happen), suspicious ballot dumps going for Biden (The spikes in tallied votes come from cities, with relatively massive populations, turning in their results), dead voters (every single instance has been proven wrong), etc..

Trump is saying he will not attend Biden’s inauguration and is in fact planning to hold a competing event launching his 2024 campaign at the same time.

Steve Mnuchin is planning on clawing back unspent PPP funds at the end of the year. The law required not doing this until 2026. He made the mistake of asking Congresswoman Katie Porter if she was a lawyer. She is. After receiving her law degree from an obscure school called Harvard, Porter clerked at the appellate level before entering into private practice and teaching law school for eight years.

Republican senator and Trump ally Ron Johnson spoke to the former chairman of the Brown County Republican Party. Johnson told Mr. Becker he was well aware of the fact that Biden won the election and there was no widespread voter fraud. Johnson, formerly a conduit for a Russian disinformation campaign about Joe Biden, said he couldn’t admit Biden won publicly because it would harm him politically among Trump supporters.

Dr. Jordan Keeperman is a Nevada doctor who recently began working in a Covid-19 ICU at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno. He posted a picture of himself wearing PPE a few weeks ago with a story about the number of patients he’d recently seen who had died of the disease. He purposefully chose as a background a new ward which had yet to open so as to avoid any patient privacy issues. A twitter account accused him of taking the picture at a fake hospital and that Keeperman had never seen any Covid-19 patients. The President of the United States of America retweeted this bullshit accusation about Dr. Keeperman and added that Nevada also had fake election results. The president is directly attacking front line responders to the pandemic and saying they are lying about the virus.

And not a single Republican will say anything about his doing so.

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Trump Daily 7/20/2020

  • Trump’s interview with Mike Wallace aired yesterday. Trump again bragged about doing well on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment which literally asks you to identify three animals. Trump insisted the questions got “very hard.” Wallace pointed out one of these “very hard” questions was to count backwards from 100 by 7s which he began to do. The president lied about the US having the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate in the world and was angered when Wallace pointed out this was not true. Trump also lied saying Biden wants to defund police which Biden has explicitly said he does not support. Trump asked for the text of a pact Biden made with Bernie Sanders saying it spoke about defunding police. Trump could not find that passage because it does not exist. The president again said that we would have fewer Covid-19 cases if we tested fewer people. He said “everybody” thought the summer heat would make the virus go away. No medical experts said this. The person who did was Donald Trump. When asked about the disproportionate rate black men are killed by police as compared to white men, Trump pointed out that many white men are killed by police too. He said religion will be “gone” if Biden is elected president. Biden is a lifelong devout Catholic. The president was asked about his attempts to have the courts throw out the entire Affordable Care Act which will immediately throw tens of millions of people off of their insurance plans. Trump said he will replace it with something which will protect pre-existing conditions and he will enact this replacement via executive order within the next two weeks because the Supreme Court’s DACA decision means he can enact anything via executive order as long as he follows the proper process. None of this is true. Every part was a lie. He does not have that authority, he does not have a plan, and the Republicans are trying to take away health insurance from millions of Americans during the worst pandemic in a century.
Daily Summaries

Trump Daily 7/16/2020

  • The president took a photograph from The White House promoting Goya foods as their CEO pledged support of Trump. Such a promotion is illegal. The White House and Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz have responded by saying it’s racist to criticize the company.
  • As the White House has tried to distance itself from Peter Navarro’s column attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, the LA Times learned that Trump encouraged him to write it.
  • Last year Eric Trump claimed the Trump organization only charged the government $50 per room when the Secret Service has to stay at Trump businesses. David Farenthold of The Washington Post has so far been unable to find a single instance of that happening. The Trump organization charges the government up to $650 per room when Trump visits his own properties. We don’t know the full amount as Steve Mnuchin has been blocking congress from receiving that information. Trump is the first president who refused to divest from his businesses and frequently spends tax dollars at his hotels.
  • Multiple times now Trump has warned that Biden is going to “abolish the suburbs” with his support of fair housing regulations. What Trump means by this is that black people will live there. Trump is quite familiar with these regulations as he was caught refusing to rent to black families in his own properties – twice.